A quest for acceptance turns into a chilling fight for survival.

Ryan’s teenage quest for coolness catapults him into the heart of a small-town horror, unfolding in the eerie corridors of an abandoned asylum. Seeking to impress the school bullies and his dream girl, Ryan stumbles upon a chilling occult secret: a corpse with a stake through its heart, straight out of vampire legend.

His accidental awakening of this ancient horror marks the beginning of a supernatural thriller that blurs the lines between the living and the undead.

As his best friend Hunter disappears, becoming one of the first victims in a series of sinister events, Ryan confronts the terrifying truth. He is entangled in a deadly game with a real-life vampire, a revelation too dangerous to share. This coming-of-age story transforms into a gripping suspense horror, where Ryan battles not just for acceptance, but for survival against a monstrous force preying on his town.

What Sleeps Beneath is a masterful blend of genre fiction, weaving together elements of horror, occult, and suspense in a riveting narrative. It’s a vampire tale reimagined, set against the backdrop of adolescent struggle and the haunting mystery of a small town’s dark past.

Will Ryan survive the terror he’s unleashed?

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