Those familiar with John’s The Cursed Among Us (and everyone else, we hope), will be happy to know that we’ve acquired the rights to the series.

Here’s a bit about the first book, and the titles for the rest of the John’s The Curse of Newport series:
The Cursed Among Us takes place in 1999, when kids rocked JNCO jeans and watched TRL. It follows the story of Howie Burke and his friends, who unknowingly release an evil on the town of Newport, New Hampshire when they find a hidden grave deep in the forbidden woods while filming a horror movie. They soon find out that their town has secrets, and the grave was never meant to be found. Now they must stop the return of The Black Heart Killer before its too late.

Consumed By Evil, takes place immediately after the events in The Cursed Among Us.

In The Black Heart Killer (working title), we go back to the winter of 1979. The origin story of Jessica Black and her time with the coven.

Author bio: John Durgin is a proud active HWA member and lifelong horror fan who decided to chase his childhood dream of becoming a horror author. Growing up in New Hampshire, he discovered Stephen King much younger than most probably should have, reading IT before he reached high school—and knew from that moment on he wanted to write horror. He co-founded Livid Comics in late 2020, co-creating and writing his debut comic titled Jol(pronounced Yule), a Christmas horror series for all ages. After publishing that, the itch to expand his writing was one he had to scratch. Through Livid, he wrote his second comic which released in the spring of 2022 titled Dead Ball. His true passion was always to write horror novels, and in 2021 he started submitting short stories in hopes of getting noticed in the horror community and launching a career. He had his first story accepted in the summer of 2021 in the Books of Horror anthology, and an alternate version of the story in the Beach Bodies anthology from DarkLit Press. His debut novel, The Cursed Among Us released June 3, 2022, to stellar reviews. Next up, his sophomore novel titled Inside The Devil’s Nest, released through D&T Publishing in January of 2023, followed by his debut collection, Sleeping In The Fire in June of 2023.

Twitter- @jdurgin1084
Instagram- @durginpencildrawings
TikTok- @johndurgin_author