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Crystal Lake Publishing is an indie publishing company based in sunny South Africa, and is run by horror fanatics Joe Mynhardt and Emma Audsley. Crystal Lake publishes the highest quality dark and twisted fiction, from Horror and Science Fiction to Fantasy, Scifi, Noir, and Suspense Thrillers.

We publish novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry collections, anthologies and nonfiction books in both paperback and eBook formats. There's something for every fan of dark fiction.  

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Please welcome Ben Eads to Crystal Lake Publishing. Not only will Ben's work appear in our upcoming TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.1, but he's also our brand new Marketing Consultant. With his vast knowledge and contacts, Crystal Lake's books will reach brand new heights. 

It's Tuesday again, and that means there's another BENEATH THE LAKE post waiting just for you. This week Sergio Pereira talks about Writing what You Know.

We are now CLOSED for submissions/pitches. Best of luck to all 140 authors who submitted their work for possible publication. We'll make sure everyone gets an equal chance, and that only the best work reaches our readers.

BENEATH THE LAKE presents a blog post about motivation, friendships and hard work in the writing community, by Joe Mynhardt.

This week's BENEATH THE LAKE post is an interview with acclaimed author, Tim Waggoner.

Our biggest ever sale has started and will last all month long. All our eBooks are between 99c and $2.99, and our paperbacks go as low as $6.99. Check out our Facebook event, and you might get the chance to ask our authors direct questions about their books, perhaps even win a free copy.

Check out the cover of our next release: Modern Mythmakers by Michael McCarty.

Our latest author interview is with V.H. Leslie, an amazingly talented lady.

A brand new BENEATH THE LAKE post is now out: Mapping out a Story, by Sergio Perreira.

This week's BENEATH THE LAKE: ON WRITING HORROR is brought to you by Ben Eads: Nailing Characters - a writing exercise.

Cult actor Irwin Keyes joins the line-up for Horror 201: The Silver Scream.

Brand new interview with William Meikle, author of Samurai and Other Stories

This week's BENEATH THE LAKE: ON WRITING HORROR comes from our dear friend Blaze McRob: Writing is Easy.

Two more Halloween Author Interviews are up on the blog: Gary Fry, and Jennifer Loring.

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Meet Bones, our mascot (you'll find him hanging around some of our latest covers - Horror 101 and Tales From the Lake Vol.2):

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 This is a journey into the life of Death; a journey through this world and the next on the words of twenty one of the best horror writers around.

Will you follow them to stare into the eyes of the Grim Reaper? Can you handle the true story of the birth of Death, or the minute details behind catching or escaping Death, becoming Death? Dying? These are not just stories but horrific experiences of pain and death: the deaths of lonely people, famous people, entire worlds, and the death of innocence and the pain of those left behind as they wait their turn, wondering what it will be like – no one is safe from the Reaper!

FEAR THE REAPER includes stories by: Taylor Grant, Joe McKinney, Rick Hautala, Gary Fry, Ross Warren, Marty Young, Stephen Bacon, Dean M Drinkel, Richard Thomas, Sam Stone, Eric S Brown, Mark Sheldon, Steve Lockley, Robert S. Wilson, Jeremy C Shipp, Jeff Strand, Lawrence Santoro, E.C. McMullen Jr., Rena Mason, John Kenny and Gary A. Braunbeck. Includes a poem by Adam Lowe.

“The variety of short stories in this book was absolutely amazing. The authors each had their own views of death and the reaper. This is definitely a reread for me. The stories in this book are brilliant and should be read by lovers of this genre for many, many years.” – Goodreads review

“Most of the tales told in Fear the Reaper have a wonderful twist at the end that will leave you shocked, horrified and, now and then, delighted. A book that will chill you to the bone and have you switching on all the lights at night, Fear the Reaper should appeal to all readers of the horror and dark fantasy genre.” – Books4Tomorrow

“Make peace with your god and accept the fact that despite what the Blue Oyster Cult tells us, there’s good reason to fear the reaper.” - Mass Movement Magazine





Do you enjoy horror movies? Perhaps you'd love to work in the horror movie industry? The be sure to stay up to date with Horror 201: The Silver Scream. You'll hear from some of the biggest names in the industry, from authors/screenwriters to producers, directors, actors and makeup artists etc.



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