Visions of the Mutant Rain Forest by Robert Frazier and Bruce Boston.


Robert Frazier and Bruce Boston, SFPA’s first two Grandmaster Poets, created and began exploring the Mutant Rain Forest in the late 1980s with both collaborative and solo works. Since that time, stories and/or poems set in the Mutant Rain Forest have appeared in Omni, Asimov’s SF Magazine, Amazing Stories, Weird Tales, Daily Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (St. Martin’s), Year’s Best Horror (DAW), The Rhysling Anthology, and many other publications.


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Jane Yolen Jane Yolen, Nebula winner, World Fantasy Assn, Grand Master, Science Fiction Poetry Assn, Grandmaster

“These stories and poems all reside in the made-up world of the Mutant Rain Forest. They are by two of the sf world's hidden gems, Boston and Frazier. And yet made-up as these stories, poems are, they ring true, because the authors are poets. It's in the blood. They are truly foretelling --as in one of Boston's challenging poems— 'foretell our changeling future as they read the clouds collisions...' Dense, delicious, often delirious, needing unpacking as difficult literature often does, this is a book you might miss—but shouldn't.”

Michael Bishop Michael Bishop, author of Philip K. Dick is Dead, Alas

“I can think of few books remotely like Robert Frazier and Bruce Boston's apocalyptic fever dreamVisions of the Mutant Rain Forest. It has the hallucinatory vividness of novels as disparate in style and sensibility as W. H. Hudson's Green Mansions and J. G. Ballard's The Crystal World, but immerses you—nay, saturates you—in an ecological catastrophe, or an evolutionary transformation, so relentless that its deluge of images, in both prose and poetry, cannot help but invade and colonize your own imagination: a rare and remarkable experience.”

Includes interior artwork by artist Luke Spooner:

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