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“Kevin Lucia is this generation's answer to Charles L. Grant.” – Horror Grandmaster, Brian Keene

Clifton Heights is a modest Adirondack town offering many unique attractions. Arcane Delights sells both used paperbacks and hard to find limited editions. The Skylark Diner serves the best home-cooked meals around, with friendly service and a smile. Every August, Mr. Jingo's County Fair visits, to the delight of children and adults, also.

Handy's Pawn and Thrift sits several blocks down from Arcane Delights. In its window hangs a sign which reads: We Have Things You Need. Like any thrift store, its wares range from the mundane to the bizarre.

One night, a lonely traveling salesman visits. He's looking for something; something he desperately wants. Among the shelves of Handy's Pawn and Thrift, he will face a harsh truth, however. The things people want are so very rarely the things they need.

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