• “Crystal Lake Publishing: the epitome of class and cutting edge quality.”

    Michael Knost
    Michael Knost
  • “Crystal Lake Publishing is at the top of their game. Their releases are of a consistent high quality and I am never disappointed with what I read. From their artwork to the layout, this is a publisher that takes a great pride in the product it releases.”

    Adrian Shotbolt, Beavis the Bookhead
    Adrian Shotbolt, Beavis the Bookhead
  • “Crystal Lake Publishing is awesome”

    Michael McCarty – Author of ‘Modern Mythmakers’
  • “One look at Crystal Lake’s track record (as well as the stellar titles in their forthcoming lineup) and you know they’re the real deal. CLP are here to stay and for the ultimate horror fan, that’s a reason to rejoice!”

    Kealan Patrick Burke – Author of ‘The Turtle Boy’
  • “Crystal Lake Publishing is one of the best publishing companies I ever had the privilege of working with. They’re tireless, organized, and their communication is superb. Every person I’ve worked with, from Joe Mynhardt to line editors to proof readers are friendly and exceptionally capable. This love and care shows up in their diverse literary catalog, which ranges from short stories and novels to nonfiction. Crystal Lake is making me a better author, and that translates directly to a better experience to readers.”

    Mercedes M. Yardley – Author of ‘Nameless: The Darkness Comes’

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