The Pale White by Chad Lutzke (paperback)

*2019 This Is Horror Awards ‘Novella of the Year’*

“Chad Lutzke’s The Pale White knocked the air out of me in the first paragraph. Lutzke courageously tackled an aspect of true horror with determination and astonishing sensitivity. This book not only demands to be read, but it demands to be discussed.”–Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Little Dead Red.

“A harrowing tale of abuse, violence, and the redemptive power of love.”Tim Waggoner, author of The Forever House

“Lutzke’s The Pale White packs a powerful punch to both the gut and the heart. Not to be missed!”–Elizabeth Massie

“Chad Lutzke’s The Pale White is anything but white. It’s black and blue like a bruise and the deep red of arterial blood. This is a short, brutal, heartbreaking tale of abuse, hunger, strength, and survival that reeks of bodily fluids and desperation. It will hit you hard…and you will hold your breath and enjoy the pain.”Gabino Iglesias


After being held against their will in a house used for trafficking, three girls plan their escape.

Alex: A hardened goth-punk who’s convinced she’s a vampire with a penchant for blood.
Stacia: A seventeen-year-old raised by an alcoholic mother, her fellow captives the only family she’s ever truly had.
Kammie: The youngest of the three—a mute who finds solace in a houseplant.

But does life outside the house offer the freedom they’d envisioned? Or is it too late, the scars too deep?

A coming-of-age tale of revenge and survival that explores a friendship and the desperate measures taken to ensure they stay united, held together by the scars that bind them.

This contemporary Suspense Thriller / Horror novella with an all-female cast is the perfect read for fans of Robert R. McCammon, Stephen King, and Jack Ketchum.