The Bedmakers by Chad Lutzke & John Boden


In the gripping novel set against the gritty backdrop of 1970s Chicago, two elderly men, wearied by their homeless existence, embark on a fateful train journey that promises a fresh start out west. Their story, deeply entrenched in the themes of a small-town thriller and a road trip adventure book, offers a poignant exploration of the human condition.

As the train snakes through the heart of America, what begins as a hopeful quest for work and redemption swiftly spirals into a harrowing tale of crime and mystery. Their journey, marked by heartbreaking twists and turns, soon becomes a suspenseful thriller teeming with heart and emotion.

Amidst the clatter of the rails and the ever-changing landscapes, a traumatic event in a desolate train car catapults them into a vortex of chaos. What unfolds is a chilling narrative of deceit, murder, and grave robbing, unraveling dormant secrets that threaten to consume them.


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