Speculative Fiction Daily Planner (A5, B&W, without dates)


A Creative Planner for Creative People!

If you’re an author, artist, or other industry professional, or if you are just a fan of dark and speculative fiction (Horror, Fantasy etc.), then My Speculative Daily Planner from Crystal Lake Publishing is the essential creative planner for you. This is Crystal Lake Publishing’s b&w version without any dates.

Not only does it provide space for your ideas and thoughts as well as daily and weekly goals, but it also includes info on some awesome conventions that cater to the speculative fiction and film genres. It also offers daily motivations and exercises to improve your writing skills, creativity, and even the way you see the world.

Whether you plan your stories and scripts or just “pants” it, you’ll find no better motivational tool to get you moving and keep you organized. My Speculative Daily Planner is the perfect tool for those with a love for Speculative Fiction.

Includes artwork by Ben Baldwin as well as motivational exercises and quotes by some of the most influential and creative minds that ever walked this earth…or any other.

Get motivated and organized and make every year your year!