An Introduction to the World of Still Water Bay (eBook)



Hidden along the Georgia coastline, on the edge of Still Water Bay, lurks the small town of Still Water. Surrounded by dark waters, forest, lurking shadows, and abandoned logging camps, it awaits the conclusion of an epic battle between good and evil. A battle which will decide the fate of not only the town, but the world as we know it.

The only ones who can keep evil at bay and protect the town are a group of every day townsfolk, patrons of the local library. Called by destiny to serve, they are The Guild. Together they fight evil spawned from a world beneath the waves as well as the surge of human killers and cultists who seek dark power through bloody sacrifice. But there is more than just darkness in the water. More than just evil.


Still Water Bay is a Dark Fiction / Horror series featured on the Crystal Lake Publishing Patreon page, an interactive community of authors and readers who love Dark Fiction and Horror stories. This is of course only one of many perks our patrons enjoy. In this eBook, you’ll be introduced to our shared-world by experiencing the first three episodes of the series.

Our current team includes:
Naching T. Kassa (author)
Joe Mynhardt (creator)
Jay Wilburn (author)
Guy Medley (author)
Red Lagoe (author)
Ben Baldwin (artist)
Arturo Louga (artist)
We will also invite guest authors from time to time, and bring in new staff writers every year or so.

So come on down to Still Water Bay. It’s filled with monsters, demons, and the worst examples of humans you’ll ever come across. With an amazing cast of characters, several staff writers and artists, and plots shrouded in suspense, mystery, and secrets, you won’t want to miss a single episode.

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