Beatrice Beecham's Cryptic Crypt

A Supernatural Adventure/Mystery Novel

The fate of the world rests in the hands of four dysfunctional teenagers and a bunch of oddball adults. What could possibly go wrong?

This supernatural / adventure / mystery novel is perfect for fans of The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Three Investigators, Goonies, Monster Club, Lost Boys, and Miss Peregrine. It might be a YA book perfect for ages 13 and older, but it’s a fun read no matter what age you are.

Dorsal Finn is a sleepy coastal town facing the gleaming Atlantic Ocean. It is a town with quaint customs and inhabited by people who are as welcoming as they are weird.  It is also a place where long lost tombs hide long held secrets.

Because beneath Dorsal Finn lies The Dark Heart, an ancient and malevolent entity determined to be free of its eternal prison. It has lured allies to the town, people with corrupt agendas determined to resurrect the greatest evil history has ever known, and in doing so release The Dark Heart upon an unsuspecting world.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Mark West

“Beatrice Beacham lives in the coastal town of Dorsal Finn, with her parents and younger brother and she and her friends - Patience, Elmo and Lucas - have a mystery solving group called The Newshounds. Opening with a prologue set in Austria 1941, this mixes Nazi’s, folklore, the legend of Atlantis and a mysterious youth group to excellent effect - Jeffery has taken the youth-sleuth genre beloved of so many of us (my favourite, of course, was The Three Investigators series) and updated it seamlessly to the present day, topping the thrills with a sassy, feisty heroine and her group of smart friends. The town - which is not as it seems to be - is well described and atmospheric, the supporting cast are wonderfully eccentric and the plot ticks along, aided by a gripping pace and some tense sequences. This is, I think, the fourth in the YA series but the first I’ve read and it’s not quite standalone - previous events are mentioned and one reveal, while cleverly done, featured a character I hadn’t encountered before. But that’s my fault, not the books and this is a cracking, tightly wrapped mystery that delivers everything it should. Well written, pacey and intriguing, this is a winner and I’d recommend it.”

Mark West, British Fantasy Award nominated author of DRIVE
Purchase now for only 99c!