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Another great Crystal Lake anthology out today!

17 horror Stories. One legendary music venue.


We all know the old cliche: Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Now, add demons, other dimensions, monsters, revenge, human sacrifice, and a dash of the truly inexplicable. This is the story of the (fictional) San Francisco music venue, The Shantyman.

In Welcome to the Show, seventeen of today’s hottest writers of horror and dark fiction come together in devilish harmony to trace The Shantyman’s history from its disturbing birth through its apocalyptic encore.

Featuring stories by Brian Keene, John Skipp, Mary SanGiovanni, Robert Ford, Max Booth III, Glenn Rolfe, Matt Hayward, Bryan Smith, Matt Serafini, Kelli Owen, Jonathan Janz, Patrick Lacey, Adam Cesare, Alan M Clark, Somer Canon, Rachel Autumn Deering and Jeff Strand.

Compiled by Matt Hayward. Edited by Doug Murano.

Bring your curiosity, but leave your inhibitions at the door. The show is about to begin…


Alan M Clark – What Sort of Rube

Jonathan Janz – Night and Day and in Between

John Skipp – In the Winter of No Love

Patrick Lacey – Wolf with Diamond Eyes

Bryan Smith – Pilgrimage

Rachel Autumn Deering – A Tongue like Fire

Glenn Rolfe – Master of Beyond

Matt Hayward – Dark Stage

Kelli Owen – Open Mic Night

Matt Serafini – Beat on the Past

Max Booth III – True Starmen

Somer Canon – Just to be Seen

Jeff Strand – Parody

Robert Ford – Ascending

Adam Cesare – The Southern Thing

Brian Keene – Running Free

Mary SanGiovanni – We Sang in Darkness

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