New Release: WHISPERED ECHOES by Paul F. Olson

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Journey through the Heart of Terror

They are calling to you.
Do you hear them?
They are the whispered echoes of your darkest fears.

From the pen of horror writer Paul F. Olson comes Whispered Echoes, a stunning dark fiction collection that will carry you down lonely twilight byways into a world of darkness and dread. It’s a world of forgotten roadways, sleepy small towns, deep forests, windswept waters—a place where the uneasy spirits of your imagination roam free and anything at all can happen.

“Nowhere is Paul Olson’s narrative power, compelling voice, and unique sense of place more evident than in this wonderful, essential collection of hair-raising stories. Whispered Echoes is nothing short of a feast for those of us who appreciate old school horror with a nefarious modern twist, and with it, I hope Paul Olson gets every bit of the acclaim he so richly deserves.”—Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle BoyKin, and Sour Candy.

“Paul F. Olson’s fiction is by equal turns touching, chilling, weird, and just plain fun. Whispered Echoes reminds us what horror fiction should and can be: flat-out entertaining and soulful. Adding in Olson’s concluding novella “Bloody Bones” – perhaps one of the finest things I’ve ever read – and you’ve got one of the most satisfying horror/weird collections around.”—Kevin Lucia, the Clifton Heights Saga

“WHISPERED ECHOES is one of those rare collections I read cover-to-cover without a break. Written with the poise and elegance of a long-time professional, but with a depth of heart that transcends the prose, Paul F. Olson’s stories are packed with mystery, violence and humanity. Nobody has done small-town fear like this since Bradbury. Hands-down one of the finest collections I’ve read in the last decade.”—Philip Fracassi, author of Behold the Void

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Whispered Echoes

Whispered Echoes

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Journey through the Heart of Terror

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