Author Thomas Brannan talks about his APOCALYPSE anthology contribution

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So, Lovecraft is my jam. The reason I started writing in the first place was a combination of Robert B. Parker and H.P. Lovecraft, meaning, that's what I wanted to write, those two things together (still working on that, by the way). So when this anthology came along, with the option to write fairy tales with either zombies or Mythos, of course I chose Mythos.

I knew there were a lot of good authors out there, thinking the same things I think. We're all surfing the same brainwave, on some level or other, so I wanted something short but impactful, so as not to cross too many lines with other authors. Jack the Giant Killer, all his stories were short things, so that was the foundation for what I built here. It was great fun, and I hope it's as much fun for you.—Thomas Brannan

Check out the dedicated webpage for more info on this anthology.
Twitter hashtag: #LovecraftFairyTales
We even have an Apocalypse shirt!

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