R.I.P. Andrew Bonime – C.H.U.D. producer

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A few months ago Crystal Lake Publishing received permission from Mr. Bonime (with the help of his agent) to publish a C.H.U.D. tribute anthology. Mr. Bonime was extremely excited about the project, and even granted us an interview (which will be published in said anthology later this year). Unfortunately Mr. Bonime passed away recently. The anthology (edited by Eric S. Brown) will however continue in his honor, and will stand not only as a tribute to C.H.U.D, but also to Mr. Bonime himself.

A few friends of Mr. Bonime put the following together:


“Renaissance Man” is a term used to describe individuals with multiple talents, skills, and abilities, who accomplish great things using all of them. Andrew Bonime was certainly one of these people. Born in the Bronx, New York on March 29, 1948, Andy moved with his family to suburban Long Island when he was four years old. Growing up in the town of Wantagh, he began showing musical talent at an early age, and by his freshman year in high school, was leading a successful rock group and consummating the first of his many deals in show business.

Called “The Abstracts,” this classic rock band was cutting demos and playing steady gigs within two months of being formed. They were also playing original songs composed by Bonime and a classmate who wrote lyrics. While other bands were playing sock hops in the gym, the Abstracts were performing two-hour concerts to packed audiences in auditoriums. Bonime also masterminded a recording session at Columbia records in Manhattan, and a record deal that won ‘The Abs’ their first single. He was just 17 years old at the time.

Graduating high school in 1966, Bonime enrolled at Boston University and entered the exciting world of cinema, also making his first venture to the west coast to attend film courses at USC. This led to his connections in the movie industry, and in 1973 he became involved in project development for the movie The Harrad Experiment. Next came Bonime’s role as Co-Producer for the movie The Bell Jar in 1979, and then in 1984, the movie he produced that has become synonymous with his name – C.H.U.D., initially a ‘Grade B’ sci-fi thriller that has today become a true cult classic with a worldwide following.

Bonime moved on from his film career to fully embrace the new digital age, co-authoring the book Writing for New Media, and teaching a constantly sold-out digital media course for The New School, a division of The College of the Performing Arts. It was there that Bonime met Diana Ross, and he was once again back in the studio as Vice President of Motion Pictures and TV for the superstar.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Bonime relocated to Los Angeles to run his film development company, Cloudshine, LLC, and in 2006, produced a Grammy-nominated independent album with female vocalist Laura Pursell. During his later years, Bonime began battling serious medical issues and finally succumbed on March 26, 2017, just three days shy of his 69th Birthday. He leaves a legacy of achievement in music, film, and digital media spanning more than five decades.

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