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  Crystal Lake Publishing   Nov 14, 2016   Blog   1 Comment

Kya Aliana Shore is an incredibly busy and talented lady (just the type of person I like to work with), and she’s signed on as Crystal Lake Publishing’s Social Media and Email Marketing Specialist. There are some big projects coming up, and it’s great having her in my corner.


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Kya Shore is only 21 years old, though she has been writing YA horror novels for nearly a decade. She is the founder of Aspirations Press, publisher of The Dreams Come True Anthology – A yearly anthology that publishes horror stories by young authors ages 6-18! She lives in the beautiful Virginia/DC area. She works as a social media specialist and copywriter: promoting, advertising, and writing marketing materials for businesses, authors, and publishers alike. In her free time, you can often find her in the library with her nose in a book, or working on her latest YA novel.

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