Interview with Bram Stoker award-winning Alessandro Manzetti

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Joe Mynhardt: Congrats on winning the Bram Stoker award, Alessandro. What does it mean for you as an author?

Alessandro Manzetti: Thank you very much, Joe, it was unexpected and wonderful. It means reaching a significant milestone in the career of a writer. It will also be an incentive to continue to work hard and to improve. I have to thank all colleagues who voted for me and who appreciated the work I have done during these years. But I’m still walking on clouds, so I can’t tell you more.


JM: So how was the weekend in Stoker Con? Any highlights?

AM: StokerCon was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with other authors and to plan new projects and collaborations. HWA has done a great job organizing many panels, readings and other interactive activities which allowed everyone to have new experiences, learning a lot from the know-how of great writers and editors. I think that some new projects, like the Horror University, are something really innovative, useful and exciting. From what I have experienced first hand, StokerCon can be defined as the crossroad of the horror genre – a must.

JM: What thought went through your mind just before they read your name?

AM: I thought I would have gladly applauded a winning colleague, and finished drinking my glass of red wine. I was not expecting more than this.

JM: What was your initial response when they read your name?


AM: I looked into the eyes of my wife, Sanda, for a moment, got up from the table and tried to reach the stage, which seemed to be several miles away, almost unreachable. I was out of breath, and tried to contain the emotion to do a little speech to thank everyone. When I mentioned my country, Italy, which for the first time won such an important award, the thunderous applause moved me greatly. Something that I will never forget.

JM: How did folks respond after your win? Any special moments?

AM: They were all amazing, supporting me heartily. I felt I had new wings on my back, and that they put them on me. The most exciting moment was receiving the embrace of many colleagues during the party after the ceremony. I was surrounded by sincere smiles by many fantastic people who shared this special moment with me. And even a few bottles of champagne…

JM: So what’s next for you?

AM: I’m working on several new projects, both fiction and poetry, and I hope to continue to deserve the respect of my colleagues and not to disappoint my readers. I still have inside me the endless lights of Las Vegas, which continue to turn on thousands of ideas in my head. You know, this is a magic moment. I thank the HWA for this fantastic experience, and to Crystal Lake for having chosen to publish my weird, bloody Eden.

Eden Underground

Eden Underground

Genre: Poetry

Another snake, another tree, another Eve.

A Bram Stoker Awards® winning dark poetry collection from Alessandro Manzetti.

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