Beneath the Lake Videocast #2

  Crystal Lake Publishing   Sep 11, 2016   Blog   0 Comment


Here it is, folks: The 2nd installment of Crystal Lake’s Beneath the Lake Videocast.

It was recorded live last night. Thanks to those who attended. For the rest of you, not only is it informative to writers and editors, but it’s extremely funny and entertaining.Plus, there’s a big reveal towards the end regarding Tales from The Lake Vol.3

If you’re new to Crystal Lake, be sure to check out the first show, as well, and while you’re there, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have great things coming your way. To make sure you never miss out, our newsletter will always keep you informed.

To watch the live shows (as well as contribute in the chat window with questions or comments), all you have to do is subscribe to our Patreon account. For a monthly fee as little as $1, you’ll get this and lots of other Crystal Lake rewards and behind the scenes access.

All the best,
Joe Mynhardt

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