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Welcome to Crystal Lake Publishing's current selection of Horror, Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense books. Crystal Lake Publishing's books have received five Bram Stoker Award nominations (winning two), and we're also a Publisher of the Year Award recipient from This Is Horror, so reader satisfaction is guaranteed.
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  • Tales from the Lake: Volume 3

    Dive into the deep end of the lake with 19 tales of terror, selected by Monique Snyman. Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe. Jo…
  • Gutted

    From Bram Stoker Award-nominated publisher, Crystal Lake Publishing, and the editing duo who brought you the best-selling and critically acclaimed small-town Lovecraftian horror anthology Shadows Over Main Street, comes Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stori…

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