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Books by Jasper Bark:

Quiet Places folk horror novella by Jasper Bark

What Readers Are Saying About Jasper Bark:

“Always a treat, the stories of Jasper Bark are messy, disturbing looks into the mind of a deranged subject of Her Royal Majesty’s United Kingdom. Twisted (definitely), gory (when the situation calls for it) and unbelievably memorable (stock up on Xanax and light bulbs), Stuck on You and Other Prime Cuts will surprise and dismay you and yet you’ll want to read this one from beginning to end without any breaks for oxygen or psychiatric therapy.”

Jim Dodge, Zero Signal Magazine

“Jasper Bark is a trickster of a writer, a performer on the page. A clown that's not slipping on a banana skin, but on a pool of freshly-spilled blood.”

Stephen Volk

"The material here is horror and Jasper has really gotten into the material in a big way. He goes for broke. In fact, some of these stories redefine broke, and then go beyond it. A few of them you may not be ready for. But that's all right because they're ready for you. All of them are ready for you. Jasper knows just how to get you.

So don't fasten your seatbelt – it won't soften the impact. Don't even try to brace yourself. Just go with it and if you're kinda haunted by some of the things you've found in here... well, that's what you came for, isn't it? This is horror, Jasper Bark style. No one gets away unscathed."

Pat Cadigan

"Bark's anthology is bloody extreme, beautifully gratuitous, delightfully debauched, and just an all-out maniacal masterpiece of mayhem and terror! These tales are inventive, imaginative, and innovative in their method of inflicting nightmares upon the reader. I absolutely love this book. Jasper Bark is a maestro of madness, and an excellent writer whose skills as a scribbler and storyteller are capable of raising the bar for the genre. He is everything I aspire to be as a horror author, myself. I cannot wait to read more of his work. This man is the real deal. You can't call yourself a complete fan of horror novels until you've read at least one Jasper Bark book."

Jacob Floyd