Supporting Speculative & Dark Fiction Creators via Patreon!

Supporting Speculative & Dark Fiction Creators via Patreon!

by Joe Mynhardt and fellow Patreon creators


I’ve been a creator and supporter of fellow creators on Patreon for quite a few years now, and I really feel that more people should give it a shot. Whenever I mention Patreon on social media, there are many folks who aren’t exactly sure what it’s about, which of course makes them hesitant to try it out.

So what is Patreon?

Patreon, founded in 2013, is a membership platform that provides business tools for artists, writers, creators and more to run a subscription content service. It also gives artists the opportunity to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.” Fans pay a few bucks per month OR per creator’s post (with the patron setting a maximum limit, of course).

So Patreon allows creators to interact with fans and get financial support for their work. Patreon, in turn, takes a small cut of the money before paying it to the creator. For the creators, it’s a great platform with easy-to-operate features, so the money Patreon keeps is well worth it. Creators also have goals, and if a certain monthly income is reached, they’ll increase the benefits to their patrons. Crystal Lake’s next goal is to pay bonuses to our authors, and only patrons can make that happen.

It basically comes down to supporting an artist or company on a monthly basis, with different tier levels at different prices. Tiers can start as low as $1 a month. You can search Patreon for a creator according to your likes and hobbies, and the creator, in turn, does their best to make you feel like it’s money well spent.

“Patreon provides an opportunity to get exclusive benefits and behind-the-scenes access to artists I truly enjoy. Sometimes owning the book or the art isn’t enough. The one-on-one interaction with the artist makes Patreon a no-brainer.”Chuck Buda

So give Patreon a try, even if it’s just for one month. If you join now, you only have to pay at the end of the month. Plus, you’ll immediately be able to check out previous posts and freebies in the tier you selected. Try some of the creators below, and check out who they support (there are a lot of great pages on Patreon). Look for your favourite artists or creators. Perhaps become a creator yourself.

A few Patreon creators worth checking out:

Crystal Lake Publishing:

“As one of the world’s leading independent publishers, we offer tiers targeted at readers and authors alike. Depending on which tier you support (starts at $1 a month), you’ll receive everything from free eBooks, behind-the-scenes access, input on certain projects, early cover drafts and cover reveals, exclusive interviews, paperbacks, author support, author workshops and mentoring, and even social media support for authors. We even have a $12 a month tier that gets you every single title we release, before the book even hits the shelf. Our most popular tier is the $7 a month option (well worth the investment).”

“I’m a huge fan of Patreon, both as a creator and as a supporter. I’ve pledged to Crystal Lake Publishing and Blood Bound Books, both amazing companies, and in exchange, I get signed books, sneak peaks, marketing advice, and all sorts of bonuses! As a creator, I get to interact directly with my biggest fans, giving them exclusive material, or even letting them choose the next story direction. It’s a great platform, and it keeps independent creators in business, giving them the best, most unique material around.”patron Kevin Holton, author of At the Hands of Madness

Author Lucy A. Snyder:

“My Patreon is aimed at writers and readers. For writers, I’m offering critiques and developmental editing along with weekly writing prompts and monthly chats with guest authors, editors, and publishers—bestselling author Jonathan Maberry will be my February guest. I’ve also set a stretch goal for online writing workshops.

If you’re a reader, you receive weekly poems, monthly stories, and monthly excerpts from my Lovecraftian southern gothic novel along with occasional book and movie reviews. I plan to post excerpts from other new novels in the future.

If you sign up for the manuscript critiques, you have your choice of submitting 2K, 4K, or 5K words per month. If you’re working on a novel or trying to get more short stories written and you want regular, professional feedback or someone to give you a monthly deadline (or both!) this could be a good choice for you.

“I appreciate Lucy’s Patreon for the original work she creates there, and the ways she gets into the creative process and her tips for aspiring professionals—especially the monthly chats!”patron Matt Wagner

This Is Horror:

“The This Is Horror Podcast specialises in horror fiction. Most episodes we either interview a horror writer, publisher or editor, or we’re hosting a special author-narrated short story episode. We have already featured so many wonderful writers including Joe Hill, Stephen Graham Jones, Lisa L. Hannett, Helen Marshall, David Moody and Richard Thomas. Our critical acclaim is growing, too, and we’re very honoured to have placed in a list of great podcasts for writers on LitReactor. We’re aiming to bring you more author interviews and stories on a weekly basis. We’re proud of what we’ve built and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”

Patreon is a great way to support a company in ways that are affordable for everyone. All levels of donation can be chosen, and even the smallest makes a big difference for the company. YOU decide what you can give, and in return, you get the perks/extras/gifts which are clearly listed for your level of contribution. I’m new to using Patreon, and loved the idea of supporting a great company as much as I loved the gift/perk I received for my support!”D.L. Robinson

Carrion House Illustration (with artist Luke Spooner):

 “Luke Spooner is an amazing artist. Patreon gives me a chance to both support his work and get a look behind the scenes the wider scope of the work he does.” – Jeremy Zimmerman, author of the Kensei series and co-editor of Mad Scientist Journal.

“Hmm… Why should you support Carrion House Illustration? For starters, if you enjoy interacting with the person you support I can assure you that Luke does respond to questions and acknowledges comments made on his page. Not only do you get sneak peeks at upcoming work you also get looks at never before seen pieces. Not only that, Luke tells you exactly what he does to create his work, and this is at just the $1 level. That’s a dollar a month well spent! Contribute a bit more and you can see a video of him creating his work first hand. The more you contribute the better the rewards for being a supporter. I support a few creators on Patreon and I have to say Carrion House Illustration is probably the most active and attentive creator that I support. Check it out and see for yourself! There’s no commitment.” – Paula Limbaugh

Project Entertainment Network:

Project Entertainment Network is a podcast group focused on giving listeners 25 unique podcast shows with about 100 episodes released a month!

-For those who can’t get enough or want to watch and read exclusive content from the hosts, our Patreon page offers a few different tiers to share with you.
-For $1 you’ll get bonus episodes, crossover episodes between shows, exclusive fiction from author hosts, book reviews, videos and more.
-At the $3 level you’re entered into a drawing to win signed show notes from one of the podcasts. Who knows who it will be this month: Brian Keene? Jay Wilburn? Chuck Buda?
-For $5 a month you also get a network swag pack mailed to you each month, stuffed with bookmarks, magnets, bracelets, bottle openers… each month there are new items added!
-$10 gets you all of the previous levels plus a signed postcard from one random podcast each month. Collect them all!
-We even offer something for advertisers: $100 level gets you two advertising spots on 2 different podcasts on the network of your choice (not The Horror Show with Brian Keene but any of the other 24) and you save $20.
-For $135 you get two ads and one of them is The Horror Show with Brian Keene (a $25 savings). 

“The Project Entertainment Network’s Patreon page is always fresh and new. All of the podcast hosts make appearances on the Patreon page from time to time. There is a lot of bonus material and swag that Patreon supporters have access to and it is very much worth the money to support this network.” – Somer Canon

Author Jasper Bark:

“I write the type of novels, comics and short stories your parents warned you about! Terrible tales that scandalize sermon writers and bring hot sweats to Sunday school teachers, work that’s highly imaginative and often thought provoking. I’ve won a few awards including a This Is Horror Award for my collection Dead Air, an ERA award for my educational graphic novels Battle Cries and a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival.

My Patreon page is aimed at building a personal relationship with readers and writers. I offer a writer’s surgery, the chance to read my work before anyone else does, the opportunity to appear in the acknowledgements in my books, as well as the chance to appear on YouTube with me. I will also read and critique your work and advise you where to place it and how to promote it.”

“I support at least five Creators on Patreon including Crystal Lake Publishing. It offers me a convenient way of paying the same amount monthly that goes direct to the artist or author helping many of them top up the limited income offered by a creative career. We all know, particularly if you’re a writer, that creators spend a great amount of time trying to get gigs but not always successfully. Patreon is a way of offering a little financial assistance and a social media agency.”patron Theresa Derwin

Author Kevin Lucia:

My Patreon is offering monthly original fiction. $4 gets an installment of my serial story, A Far, Distant Place. For $8 a month, you get Far Distant Place plus chapters from my serialized story, The Glasses. $10 a month gets you Far Distant Place, The Glasses, and chapters from another serialized story, The Last Pitch Before Nightfall. $15 gets you all that, and trade paperback editions of each story when they are completed. Also, I offer regular freebies to my patrons: older short stories which may not have gotten as much exposure as my other work, or even partials that for, one reason another, I was never able to finish, or trunk stories that were rejected, and my reflections as to why think they were rejected.

Why do I have a Patreon? Well, it seems I experience long periods of “drought” between projects, in which no fiction is available to readers. But, I still write every single day. Have been for the past ten years. Sometimes, I feel as if all that writing doesn’t always go anywhere. I have a USB drive FULL of partial stories. I want these stories completed, and I want to bring a little more focus to my daily writing discipline, while filling those gaps, preventing “dry periods,” so my fiction will still be available in between releases.

As a novice writer I’d often wonder what others creative processes were like. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing professional writers’ manuscripts, notes, and concept art. Those ‘sneak peeks’ made me feel even more connected to both the work and the author/artist, but they were rare and still had the feeling of an outsider looking in.
Then there came Patreon.
Patreon allows me to not only directly support art and artists I love, but to put me in the room as the creative process is going on in real-time!
Crystal Lake Publishing is truly an artist-first platform. Patreon is truly an artist-first platform. When any of Crystal Lake’s books comes up in conversation my first question is always, “Are you following them on Patreon?”patron Mark Andrew, Emporium Purgatorio

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Cover Reveal – VARYING DISTANCES by Darren Speegle

Out February 9th (cover art by Ben Baldwin):

Prepare to lose yourself in the mesmerizing voice and worldview of author Darren Speegle…

“Speegle’s delicious evocation of landscape delivers the reader, quite seamlessly, from places of precisely-evoked geography into landscapes of haunting spiritual menace…”Graham Joyce

In his latest short story collection of dark, unsettling tales, Darren Speegle takes us on a journey through the textured layers of time and space. From Flower Age Ibiza, Spain to present-day war-torn Iraq, from the mysteries of America’s Deep South to those of a haunting future landscape where humans and machines are virtually indistinguishable, these stories explore what it is to be us among the varying distances.

An infamous German writer searches for the meaning of consciousness.

A future artist is forced by a cult leader to try to capture his soul in a portrait.

An American contractor working a camp gate in Iraq is confronted by incoming vehicles the likes of which he has never seen before.

A godlike being welcomes in Halloween with a special device.

A hitman tries to determine which woman among a party of three is the android, his target.

This surreal collection includes:

  • Introduction by Jeffrey Thomas
  • In the Distance, a Familiar Sound
  • The Flesh Winks While the Ghost Weeps
  • The Staging Yard
  • For Love of War
  • Balearic Moon
  • A Carousel of Faces
  • Death Paper Burn
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Amsterdam
  • That’s the Game
  • Song in a Sundress
  • A Puddle in the Wilderness
  • Nowhere

“There is much poetry in these pages. It is a major component of the original voice of Darren Speegle… And his dialogue? Throughout, it sings, and scintillates. It’s one of his strongest virtues.”Jeffrey Thomas

Author: Darren Speegle
The Third Twin

The Third Twin

eBook: $3,99
Genre: Thriller
Some things should never be bred… More info →
Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon Kindle

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The Deep End interview…with Eric S. Brown

Joe: Before we dive into your backstory, tell us a bit about your upcoming release?

Eric: Beyond Night is a very special book to me. Not only did I get to work with Shrews, whom I have known for years, it’s my first ROMAN book. Growing up a David Drake fan and reading books like Ranks of Bronze, Killer, and others, I had always wanted to write a novel in that time period and thanks to Shrews, I have finally been able to do that.

Joe: Tell us a bit (or a lot) more about your childhood. Primary school, High school, etc. How do you think your experiences benefited or influenced your career?

Eric: I’ve been a geek basically since I was born. I started collecting comics at age 4 and that led into loving SF and horror, as well. It was reading things like Weird War Tales and the works of Lovecraft that made me want to be a writer. Reading David Drake’s work though was what taught me how. No one can write action like Dave does.

Joe: Can you recall a moment where you had to choose between being an author/artist and another career? A decisive moment where you decided to go all out?

Eric: No. I never had that moment. It was the second grade when I first just said, I am going to be a writer someday but I was 26 when I sold my first story. Up until then it had only been a dream. My wife forced me to start sending out my work when we got married and two different magazines accepted that first story I sent out at the same time. I let the larger one have it and wrote another story for the other magazine which they took without hesitation. I became a full time writer by day when Simon and Schuster asked for the rights to War of the Worlds Plus Blood, Guts, and Zombies. That advance gave me the money in the bank to focus much more on writing. Writing has been my full time job ever since.

Joe: How did you respond to your very first success as an author? Was it just rewarding, or did it motivate you even more? Or, did it perhaps feel underwhelmed, which motivated you to even greater heights?

Eric: Writing is a marathon not a sprint and one has to realize that. Each success leads into the next one. Even after a deal with Simon and Schuster, several movies adapted from my work, and even Takeshobo, Japan’s largest publisher, picking up the rights to re-release Kaiju Apocalypse over there, I still don’t think of myself as successful. As long as I can pay the bills with money left over to buy comics, I am happy and that’s enough for me.

Joe: How has your career as an author affected relationships with friends and family?

Eric: Not really. My friends and family think some of the things I get to do are “cool” but it’s not a big thing in our relationships.

Joe: Which author most influenced your early career? And who still does?

Eric: David Drake made me the writer I am. No question about that. However, Bill Mantlo (The Micronauts, Rom), David Robbins (Endworld), and Chuck Dixon (Alien Legion) have also greatly influenced me, as well.

Joe: Instead of just focusing on your most successful work, which story are you the proudest of, a story that managed to capture a piece of who you are?

Eric: Bigfoot War. I think sometimes it represents the high point of my writing career. That book I wrote solely for the FUN of it and to escape all the zombie apocalypse stuff I was writing during that time. It changed my life with the success it had from spawning nearly a dozen sequels, its own fanzine, and a studio-produced movie that was carried around the world in stores like Walmart, etc.

Joe: How do you feel when you don’t make your target words for the day?

Eric: Like I’ve finished a decent day’s work.

Joe: What do you do to distract you enough to actually relax a bit? Or do you always think about writing?

Eric: I collect comics. Always have. I couldn’t imagine my life without Wonder Woman, Daredevil, the Flash, etc. I am also an avid comic reader and have been since I was 4 years old.

Joe: What is your life-long goal as an author?

Eric: To one day write the comics I loved so much growing up as a kid and still love as an adult even now. I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to but that’s the dream.

Author: Eric S. Brown
Fear the Reaper
Beyond Night

Beyond Night

eBook: $3,99
An Epic Fantasy tale of action, adventure, heroism, horror and sorcery… More info →
Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon Kindle

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Cover Reveal – BEYOND NIGHT – Lovecraftian Epic Fantasy

Coming January 26th!

An Epic Fantasy tale of action, adventure, heroism, horror and sorcery…

Beyond Night is Dark Fantasy Horror novel that pulls back the veil of nearly two thousand years of jaded history. Come trod in the bloody footprints left by monsters, soldiers and wizards and behold what lies hidden Beyond Night itself.

It’s Bigfoot War mixed with Lovecraftian horror on the edge of the Roman Empire.

How could Rome lose a Legion? What could’ve happened to blot out the existence of over five thousand men not only from history but the Earth itself?

As the Legion moves north to engage the forces of Pictdom, a dark horror emerges from the bowels of the Earth. Thought to be random attacks by hulking monsters, Decurion August soon learns a dire truth, that these bloody events are directed by opposing the wizards of the Picts. While one side assembles all tribes in a confederated army to battle the Legion, the other pulls these Greyman beasts from the depths of the Earth.

August fights not only these creatures and workers of magicks, but internal passions in the Legion itself.

Can he discover a way to survive the enormous bloodletting about to take place that will only serve to satisfy the wizards of Pictdom?

Fans of David Gemmell will lap up this earthy, brutal fantasy.”William Meikle, The Ghost Club

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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Out now – THE GHOST CLUB by William Meikle

Out now from William Meikle and Crystal Lake Publishing – THE GHOST CLUB: NEWLY FOUND TALES OF VICTORIAN TERROR

“Masters of literature spin classic spooky tales in this chilling collection.”Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church

The Ghost Club full cover by Ben Baldwin

Writers never really die; their stories live on, to be found again, to be told again, to scare again.

In Victorian London, a select group of writers, led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Henry James held an informal dining club, the price of entry to which was the telling of a story by each invited guest.

These are their stories, containing tales of revenant loved ones, lost cities, weird science, spectral appearances and mysteries in the fog of the old city, all told by some of the foremost writers of the day. In here you’ll find Verne and Wells, Tolstoy and Checkov, Stevenson and Oliphant, Kipling, Twain, Haggard and Blavatsky alongside their hosts.

Come, join us for dinner and a story:

  • Robert Louis Stevenson – Wee Davie Makes a Friend
  • Rudyard Kipling – The High Bungalow
  • Leo Tolstoy – The Immortal Memory
  • Bram Stoker – The House of the Dead
  • Mark Twain – Once a Jackass
  • Herbert George Wells – Farside
  • Margaret Oliphant – To the Manor Born
  • Oscar Wilde – The Angry Ghost
  • Henry Rider Haggard – The Black Ziggurat
  • Helena P Blavatsky – Born of Ether
  • Henry James – The Scrimshaw Set
  • Anton Checkov – At the Molenzki Junction
  • Jules Verne – To the Moon and Beyond
  • Arthur Conan Doyle – The Curious Affair on the Embankment

“William Meikle has an uncanny talent capturing the style of so many great authors of yesteryear. The Ghost Club superbly demonstrates that talent again.”Simon Clark, author of the award winning The Night of the Triffids

“William Meikle is an audacious writer! In The Ghost Club he takes on the personalities of literary icons Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and the like and creates stories they might have told, mimicking their voices and writing styles.  And he makes that work!  I have too many favorites to name but as I read from start to finish, the stories just got better and better and I found myself as absorbed as if I were reading spooky tales told by these master storytellers.  Kudos to Meikle!  Lovers of traditional and quirky ghost stories need The Ghost Club in their library!”Nancy Kilpatrick, Revenge of the Vampir King & Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess

Experience it today:

Author: William Meikle
The Ghost Club
Twice Upon an Apocalypse: Lovecraftian Fairy Tales
Samurai and Other Stories

Samurai and Other Stories

Genre: Collection
No one can handle Scottish folklore with elements of the darkest horror, science fiction and fantasy, suspense and adventure like William Meikle. More info →
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Buy from Amazon
For the Night is Dark

For the Night is Dark

Darkness, our most primitive fear since shadows first moved.

The Dark is coming!

Call your friends. No one should wander through the dark alone. More info →

Buy from Barnes and Noble Nook
Buy from Amazon Kindle
Buy from Amazon



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Tales from The Lake Vol.5 authors

After 715 submissions, we are happy to announce the names of those who have been accepted into TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.5 – out Halloween, 2018:

Gemma Files, Lucy A. Snyder, Gene O’Neill, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Allison Pang, Craig Wallwork, Paul Michael Anderson, Bruce Boston, Andi Rawson, Samuel Marzioli, Joanna Parypinski, Lane Waldman, Peter Mark May, Meghan Arcuri, Jason Sizemore, Robert Stahl, Marge Simon, Laura Blackwell, Lucy Taylor, Jonah Buck, Cory Cone, Michelle Ann King, and one more (huge) mystery guest (who’ll be announced next year).

Series: Tales from the Lake
Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

Dive into fourteen tales of horror, with short stories and dark poems by some of the best horror writers in the world. More info →
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Tales from the Lake: Volume 2
Tales from the Lake: Volume 3
Tales from the Lake: Volume 4

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Where Nightmares Come From full cover

Book one in Crystal Lake Publishing’s The Dream Weaver series, Where Nightmares Come From focuses on the art of storytelling in the Horror genre, taking an idea from conception to reality—whether you prefer short stories, novels, films, or comics.

Featuring in-depth articles and interviews by Joe R. Lansdale (Hap & Leonard series), Clive Barker (Books of Blood), John Connolly (Charlie Parker series), Ramsey Campbell, Stephen King (IT), Christopher Golden (Ararat), Charlaine Harris (Midnight, Texas), Jonathan Maberry (Joe Ledger series), Kevin J. Anderson (Tales of Dune), Craig Engler (Z Nation), and many more.

The full non-fiction anthology lineup includes:

  • Introduction by William F. Nolan
  • IT’S THE STORY TELLER by Joe R. Lansdale
  • A-Z OF HORROR of Clive Barker
  • WHY HORROR? by Mark Alan Miller
  • PIXELATED SHADOWS by Michael Paul Gonzalez
  • LIKE CURSES by Ray Garton
  • HORROR IS A STATE OF MIND by Tim Waggoner
  • BRINGING AN IDEA TO LIFE by Mercedes M. Yardley
  • THE PROCESS OF A TALE by Ramsey Campbell
  • THE STORY OF A STORY by Mort Castle
  • WRITING ROUNDTABLE INTERVIEW with Christopher Golden, Kevin J. Anderson, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  • THE REEL CREEPS by Lisa Morton
  • THE MONSTER SQUAD by Jess Landry
  • WHAT SCARES YOU by Marv Wolfman
  • CREATING MAGIC FROM A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER: Del Howison interviews Tom Holland, Amber Benson, Fred Dekker, and Kevin Tenney
  • WHAT NOW? by John Palisano

This collection is perfect for…

  • writers of all genres
  • authors looking for motivation and/or inspiration
  • authors seeking guidance
  • struggling authors searching for career advice
  • authors interested in improving their craft
  • writers interested in comics
  • authors looking into screenwriting and films
  • horror fans in general
  • those looking to better understand the different story formats
  • authors planning on infiltrating a different field in horror writing
  • artists trying to establish a name brand
  • authors looking to get published

Come listen to the legends…

Cover design by Luke Spooner. Edited by Joe Mynhardt & Eugene Johnson.

Brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Don’t miss out…

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The legend continues with the TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.4: THE HORROR ANTHOLOGY

Tales from The Lake Vol.4 book cover

Twenty-four heart-rending tales with elements of terror, mystery, and a nightmarish darkness that knows no end.

Welcome to my lake. Welcome to where dreams and hope are illusions…and pain is God.

In the spirit of popular Dark Fiction and Horror anthologies such as Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, and the best of Stephen King’s short fiction, comes Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from The Lake anthologies.

This fourth volume of Speculative Fiction contains the following short stories:

  • Jennifer Loring – When the Dead Come Home
  • Joe R. Lansdale – The Folding Man
  • Kealan Patrick Burke – Go Warily After Dark
  • T. E. Grau – To the Hills
  • Damien Angelica Walters – Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t
  • Sheldon Higdon – Drowning in Sorrow
  • Max Booth III – Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale
  • Bruce Golden – The Withering
  • JG Faherty – Grave Secrets
  • Hunter Liguore – End of the Hall
  • David Dunwoody – Snowmen
  • Timothy G. Arsenault – Pieces of Me
  • Maria Alexander – Neighborhood Watchers
  • Timothy Johnson – The Story of Jessie and Me
  • Michael Bailey – I will be the Reflection Until the End
  • E.E. King – The Honeymoon’s Over
  • Darren Speegle – Song in a Sundress
  • Cynthia Ward – Weighing In
  • Michael Haynes – Reliving the Past
  • Leigh M. Lane – The Long Haul
  • Mark Cassell – Dust Devils
  • Del Howison – Liminality
  • Gene O’Neill – The Gardener
  • Jeff Cercone – Condo by the Lake

With an introduction by editor Ben Eads. Cover art by Ben Baldwin.

Experience great fiction today in paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

Remember to add it on Goodreads (and leave a review if you like it).

Series: Tales from the Lake
Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

Dive into fourteen tales of horror, with short stories and dark poems by some of the best horror writers in the world. More info →
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Tales from the Lake: Volume 2
Tales from the Lake: Volume 3
Tales from the Lake: Volume 4

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Out now – QUIET PLACES by Jasper Bark


Out today – a brand new Jasper Bark novella…

In the quiet of the forest, the darkest fears are born.

Quiet Places book full cover

The people of Dunballan, harbour a dark secret. A secret more terrible than the Beast that stalks the dense forests of Dunballan. A secret that holds David McCavendish, last in a long line of Lairds, in its unbreakable grip.

It’s down to Sally, David’s lover, to free David from the sinister clutches of the Beast. But, with the whole town against her, she must ally herself with an ancient woodland force and trace Dunballan’s secret back to its bitter origins. Those origins lie within the McCavendish family history, and a blasphemous heresy that stretches back to the beginning of time. Some truths are too terrible to face, and the darkest of these lie waiting for Sally, in the Quiet Places.

Quiet Places is folk horror at its most cosmic and terrifying. Blending folklore with psychological terror, it contains stories within stories, each one leading to revelations more unsettling than the last. Revelations that will change the way you view your place in the cosmos, and haunt you, relentlessly, long after you have put down this book.

Quiet Places is a novella in the Heresy Series story cycle and has been substantially rewritten and revised for this edition.

Grab it from Amazon


Author: Jasper Bark
Quiet Places by Jasper Bark

Quiet Places by Jasper Bark

eBook: $3,99
In the quiet of the forest, the darkest fears are born. More info →
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Writers on Writing Volume 1-4 Omnibus: An Author’s Guide
Run to Ground

Run to Ground

Genre: Novella
Jim Mcleod is on the run. More info →
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The Final Cut

The Final Cut

Some stories capture the imagination, others will be the death of you. More info →
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Writers on Writing: Volume 1
Stuck on You and Other Prime Cuts

Stuck on You and Other Prime Cuts

Genre: Novella
A word of caution gentle reader, these tales will take you places you’ve never been before and may never dare revisit. More info →
Buy from Barnes and Noble
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Buy from Amazon
Stuck on You

Stuck on You

Genre: Novella
Cheating husband Ricardo could never keep it in his pants, and now it’s stuck in the worst possible place . His Mexican road trip becomes a nightmare straight out of urban legend when he agrees to take the wrong woman back over the border. A bolt of lightning sees him fused to his fellow cheater on a detour into the backwoods. Now he’s fighting wild beasts and raw nature just to stay alive in this dark comedy romance that blends erotic horror with black humour and extreme splatter. More info →
For the Night is Dark

For the Night is Dark

Darkness, our most primitive fear since shadows first moved.

The Dark is coming!

Call your friends. No one should wander through the dark alone. More info →

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Buy from Amazon

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TALES FROM THE LAKE VOL.4 cover reveal!

Coming this Halloween:

Tales from The Lake Vol.4 book cover

Joe R. Lansdale, The Folding Man.

Jennifer Loring, When the Dead Come Home.

Kealan Patrick Burke, Go Warily After Dark.

E. Grau, To the Hills.

Damien Angelica Walters, Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t.

Sheldon Higdon, Drowning in Sorrow.

Max Booth III, Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale.

Bruce Golden, The Withering.

JG Faherty, Grave Secrets.

Hunter Liguore, End of the Hall.

David Dunwoody, Snowmen.

Timothy G. Arsenault, Pieces of Me.

Maria Alexander, Neighborhood Watchers.

Timothy Johnson, The Story of Jessie and Me.

Michael Bailey, I will be the Reflection Until the End.

E.E. King, The Honeymoon’s Over.

Darren Speegle, Song in a Sundress.

Cynthia Ward, Weighing In.

Michael Haynes, Reliving the Past.

Leigh M. Lane, The Long Haul.

Mark Cassell, Dust Devils.

Del Howison, Liminality.

Gene O’ Neill, The Gardener.

Jeff Cercone, Condo by the Lake.

Series: Tales from the Lake
Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

Tales from the Lake: Volume 1

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